FaceBlog: 2/03/2015

I am helping first graders process and respond to the story of Ruby Bridges, who at the age of six was the first black child to enter a previously segregated school. Everyone is very interested in the part where KKK thugs got involved. The most beautiful tiny child looks earnestly at me. “If the KKK came to my house, I would convince them that my skin is dark because I was out in the sun too long. They’d think I was white, and then they wouldn’t bother me.” I am getting ready to choke my tears back, to tell him, “They won’t come. But if they did, you could tell them, my skin is dark because I am black, and I love myself because of who I am.” Then he adds, “and also, if they came, my sister would bite them.” I say my piece anyway. But I think I’d bite them, too.

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