Rainbow in a Can

“The Question of the Day is, what is something you’d like to invent and sell?”

Luke reaches for the talking stick.  “My invention would be…a can, with a rainbow in it.  So, like, if you’re feeling down or upset, you could open up the can, and a giant rainbow would come SHOOTING OUT OF THE CAN” (excited, theatrical gesture) , “and you’d be, like, all happy and stuff, because…rainbow in a can!” 

The rest of us make suitably enthusiastic noises.  “Anyone have a comment or a follow up question for Luke?”

Finn would like to know if the rainbow goes BACK into the can when you’re done with it: Luke says it does not.  Angus is reminded of a Mad TV skit which also featured something like a rainbow in a can, and Luke listens politely as he stutters through explaining it.  My turn for a comment or a follow up question.

“Luke, how much will you charge for Rainbow in a Can?”

“One million dollars.”

“That’s pretty steep.”

“But it’s worth it, you see, because it’s Rainbow in a Can!  If you buy it, you’ll automatically be incredibly happy!”

“What if you’re not rich, but you want to be happy?”

Finn chimes in at that.  “Well, I guess only rich people can afford to be happy.”


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