Dramatic Play

Today at Game Time, I am watching my autism-spectrum first grader process his first week of school experience. He begins, as only he can, by grabbing all the plastic people from the Dollhouse Fun Zone, (wait, I was using…okay, never mind…), then finding himself a nice spot on the floor.

Here is Ms. Carol, and the kids are in line. And she is checking to make sure that they are in the Expected Place.

And now, they are ready to go to the class. (Chaos erupts as the teacher’s back is turned and the line starts moving.  Everyone is grabbed and smashed together and half the dolls topple over as he cheerfully narrates the passage down the hallway and I visualize exactly what it sometimes looks like in real life. My literal-minded six year old has no idea how many levels this re-enactment works on.)

They go into the classroom, and if they don’t write their alphabet, their name goes ON THE BOARD.

Some day, my little first grader, I will work with you on asking for the dolls first and imaginative play. I will make you pretend that that doll is really talking, and I will bring typically developing children into your linoleum corner to share their own ideas about Playing Like It’s School.

But for today…it’s enough. It’s the first week of school. And you haven’t cut ANYBODY’S hair yet, this year.

For today, I think we’re all doing pretty darn good.

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