Small Victory

One of the biggest parts of my job is parent communication–keeping the grown-ups abreast of the adventures and misadventures of their prodigy, fielding concerns and complaints.  To keep things from snowballing, I try to be as available and pro-active as possible: if I’m not directly there to hear about it, I’m grateful to my support staff for passing it on.

Today, Finn’s paraprofessional gave me a message from Mom: she was concerned about people teasing her child.  The reason?  Finn came home that afternoon demanding different juice boxes because someone pointed out to him that the brand he usually got had Hannah Montana on it.

I took in the message, and the para and I looked at each other for a moment.  Before both agreeing that this was perhaps the most excellent Finn-related news either of us had gotten all week, because it meant that our boy had a) listened enough to realize that his juice box was being mocked and b) cared enough about peer opinions to actually adjust his behavior (albeit Hannah-Montana-Juice-Drinking-Behavior) accordingly.

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