A Small Graphic Interlude

Those who’ve been reading this blog for awhile know that I’m all about the Lolcat.  However, I’ve just gotten back from a staff meeting in which the school’s Fearless Leader first “warmed us up” by asking us to share which superhero we’d like to be, then informed us that our school budget for next year is so utterly slashed that we’ll have to lose a teacher AND gut all existing programs just to break close enough to even that the district lets us slide.

Thus, I’m diversifying.  In the spirit of the classic tome Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals



PS: For the record, I took a pass on the share-out because my superhero alter-ego is Don’t-Do-A-Dumbass-Icebreaker-Before-Telling-My-Friend-He’s-Out-Of-a-Job Girl.

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