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Urban Education: Public Comment at the School Board

As previously mentioned via adorable baby animal, my school’s budget is getting absolutely shafted by funding cuts for next year, thanks in part to a process called Results-Based Budgeting. For reasons that I’ll probably get into in a subsequent post, … Continue reading

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Introducing…Certain First Grader.

I have a new student–a prodigiously verbal and overactive six year old boy whose main interests are vacuums, elevators, and an imaginary cattle company. It’s gonna be a wild ride for awhile as we settle this exquisitely square peg into … Continue reading

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The saga continues…

…because the rat can climb file cabinets.

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Cause and Effect

This week, students are taking district Benchmark Assessments, which is a bit of a logistical nightmare for me because we’ve got 10 kids who qualify for “individual testing” and only one individual space, which is also the place where I … Continue reading

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A Small Graphic Interlude

Those who’ve been reading this blog for awhile know that I’m all about the Lolcat.  However, I’ve just gotten back from a staff meeting in which the school’s Fearless Leader first “warmed us up” by asking us to share which … Continue reading

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Teachable Moment

A couple posts ago, I referenced Reading Group and the insanely airtight structure thereof.  One thing I left out is that the predictability continues all the way to snacktime.  One white napkin, one baggie for leftovers.  Monday through Thursday, always … Continue reading

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