Lolcats Dislike Your Pacing Expectations

This week was brutal from a planning perspective. On Friday, I went for my usual catch-as-catch can check-ins with the general education teachers serving my caseload: I have a little grid I fill in with basic information on what’s going on in reading and math.

Crap.  In one short week, second grade has moved from ordering two numbers in terms of before and after to adding up three of them using vertical columns.  Fourth grade, having delved last week into early algebraic equations and formula tables (!!!!), is now adding decimals through the thousandths place.  The Jackie Robinson biography that left my language-disordered third grader convinced that white people are CURRENTLY the bad guys in baseball has wrapped up, and the teacher is passing on the Greek mythological piece that comes next in the textbook (just as well, as he’d probably come home terrified of an imminent minotaur attack.)  Hoping for just a little bit of predictability, I ended by asking the 5th grade teacher which region of the United States they’d be doing this week: it’d been so pleasant, comparatively speaking, to take a mere ten states and boil it down to two for my kids, and I was looking forward to many more weeks of this simple assignment.  So, which handful of states would we learn about this week?  She looked me in the eye and said, “All the rest of them.”

In the spirit of Stop the Learning Now, I Want to Get Off, I present you all with Lolcat #4:


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One Response to Lolcats Dislike Your Pacing Expectations

  1. Linda says:

    Perfect image! 😀

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