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Lolcats Scoff at Your Records Request

In honor of the monthly elementary special ed meeting at the district office tomorrow…

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Doctor Clueless Will See You Now (Or, Teaching Kids the Difference Between “Fair” and “Equal”)

Halloween came a little bit early in one part of my school last week.  With a little help from a parent who’s a nurse and a lab coat stolen from kindergarten dress-up, I ran a fourth grade classroom through the … Continue reading

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Lolcats Dislike Your Pacing Expectations

This week was brutal from a planning perspective. On Friday, I went for my usual catch-as-catch can check-ins with the general education teachers serving my caseload: I have a little grid I fill in with basic information on what’s going … Continue reading

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Army of Art Club

I’ve created a truly adorable monster. Let me backtrack.  One of the major things I do as an inclusion coordinator has to do with the social realm–for my students, recess and lunch are as much of a teaching time as … Continue reading

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Testing the Teachers Part 2: The Stick

So, a million dollars later, our hero has discovered that paying bonuses to teachers whose kids do well on tests doesn’t actually make kids do well on tests. Now, let us rant in the opposite direction: the stick end of things. Continue reading

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